Research and Publications

Here’s a list of my publications and such

Den Ouden, D.B., Garnett, E.O., Shepherd, J. & Tang, J.   “Computerized naming gaming: A pilot study” . Poster presented at the American Speech Language Hearing Association Convention, Atlanta, GA, 2012

Shepherd, J., Doe, R., Arnold, M., Zhu, Y. and Tang, J., “A different approach to teaching Chinese through Serious Games,” Foundation of Digital Games,Bordeaux,France, 2011.

Zhang, T., Shepherd, J., Tang, J. and Dougal, R.A., “A Gaming Environment Approach to Analysis of Energy Storage for Electric/Hybrid Vehicle,” 2011 International Conference on Clean Electrical Power, 400-406. 

Shepherd, J., Doe, R., Arnold, M., Cheek, N., Zhu, Y., and Tang, J., “Lost in the Middle Kingdom: A Second Language Acquisition Video Game”, Proceedings of the 49th Annual Southeast Regional Conference,New York,New York, 2011.

Zhang, T., Dougal, R., Shepherd, J. and Tang, J., “The Simulation Tool for Mission-Optimized System Design,” Grand Challenges in Modeling and Simulation (GCMS 2011) 

Shepherd, J., Dougal, R., and Tang, J. “Visualization and Simulation Potential of Microsoft’s XNA” Grand Challenge in Simulation and Modeling (GCSM) 2010, pp. 306-310,Ottawa, Canda, July 2010 

Shepherd, J., Tang, J., and O’Kane, J. “Path-finding with Motion Constraints in Real Time Strategies” Computer Games and Allied Technologies (CGAT) 2009 pp. 83-90, Amara, Singapore. May 2009. 

Clements, P., Pesner, J., and Shepherd, J. “The teaching of immunology using education gaming paradigms”, Proceedings of the 47th Annual Southeast Regional Conference,New York,New York, 2009. 

Shephered, J., Shi, J., Zhang, T., Tang, J., and Dougal R., “Application of multiplayer computer gaming paradigm to engineering design tools”, 2008 Summer Simulation Multi-conference, Grand Challenge in Modeling and Simulation, CD onlyEdinburgh,Scotland, July 2008.

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