Incorporating Video Games into a Media Arts Curriculum 

SC Consortium For Gifted Education Conference: Columbia, SC
November 2013

  • Went through the required materials to create games
  • Demonstrated live a simple game creation lesson

Games Are Good

TEDx Columbia: Columbia, SC
January 2013

  • Demonstrated the importance of games by several examples
  • Presented several games and works that I had worked on

Demonstrating how to Create Games in a Classroom

South Carolina Art Education Association (SCAEA) Conference:  Myrtle Beach, SC         October 2012

  • Conducted a workshop in which the principles of game design was presented by example
  • Entertained questions throughout the process

The Art of Games: Incorporating Game Design into Art Education

South Carolina Alliance for Arts Education (SCAAE) Conference:  Columbia, SC             October 2012

  • Gave a keynote speech to several art teachers from around the state that demonstrated that video games are art and science
  • Demonstrated several research projects and presented some student’s work


Creating a Career with the Media Arts in Mind

SC eTV:  Columbia, SC                                                                                                           August 2012

  • Participated in a televised panel discuss about how to be in a career that focuses around media arts
  • ·Gave insight to prospective students about my journey via an interview


Incorporating Video Games into a Media Arts Curriculum

Arts and Technology Institute:  Columbia, SC                                                                            June 2012

  • ·Presented multiple methodologies to art teachers around South Carolina for teaching video game design in a class room
  • ·Discussed how it is feasible to incorporate game design as part of a curriculum

Demystifying Game Design

Columbia Design League                                                                                                 Novermber 2011

  • Hosted a panel discussion that expounded on all facets of game design
  • Took and answered several questions from the audience in an informative and humorous manner

Gamification in Business

Columbia Technology Conference                                                                                        October 2011

  • Demonstrated the basic ideas and principles of gamification
  • Discussed the usefulness of gamification in business applications


Computer Games: Fusing Art with Technology                      

Science Café:  Columbia, SC
February 2011 

  • Presented the scientific side of creating and implementing serious video games, and the current state of video game research at theUniversityofSouth Carolina
  • Participated with discussion about the current state of education and the use of video games in education

Visualization and Simulation Potential of Microsoft’s XNA                                                 

Grand Challenge in Simulation and Modeling (GCSM): Ottawa, Canada
July 2010 

  • Showed how video game engines can be used for faster implementations of simulation visualizations
  • Gave advice to other researchers looking to employ such a system

Path-finding with Motion Constraints in Real Time Strategies                                           

Computer Games and Allied Technologies (CGAT) 2009: Amara Singapore
May 2009        

  • Demonstrated new path-finding algorithms that could be potentially implemented in video games
  • Argued with other researchers about the results and its validity

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