Research Games

Here are a couple of games that I have created for Research Purposes.

Say It!

The goal of this game is to increase language fluency for people who suffer from Aphasia from either a brain injury or a stroke.  In other words it helps people to relearn how to speak.  The game uses current rhythm based therapeutic techniques to allow patients to work in conjunction with a therapist, and also have the freedom to now train at home.  Also this uses speech recognition and an unique scoring method to determine how well the word was spoken.  We hope to have a paper published on it later this year.

Lost in the Middle Kingdom

This game teaches the user Chinese using total immersion and other modern Second Language Acquisition (SLA) techniques.  A paper on this game was published in Foundations of Digital Games 2011 found here.

Immune Attack

A game to teach about the intricacies of the immune system.  This, much like the immune system, is a very reactive strategy game.

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