Personal Games

Kinect Pong  – 2012

A Kinect game where the human player’s are tracked as the pong paddles.  This has been featured at EdVenture and University of South Carolina’s eWeek.

Links: Coming Soon!

VR Pac Man – 2010

This game is a first person version of Pac Man which uses a Dance Dance Revolution mat to steer.  It has been demo’ed at EdVenture, University of South Carolina’s eWeek, and Art Bar Game Nights.

Links: Coming Soon!

Linus – 2009

An experimental game that used computer vision to create levels for the player.  Also circles are used as goal points.

Links: Coming Soon!

King of teh Internets – 2008

This game is a 2D fighter that used popular internet memes, which could also call on other internet memes to assist.  However, those assists are random and they could either help you, do nothing, or hurt you.  This was a project for my media arts class

Links: Since there are so many copywrite infringements made by this game, I cannot provide links.

Chrome Desires – 2007

This was my senior capstone project, and my first 3D game.  It is a 3rd person multiplayer shooter involving robots.

Links: Download

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