Beer Pong All Wrong

I came across this Kickstarter today, and it has to be one of the most pointless ones I’ve seen lately.  Like many bad Kickstarters it tries to solve a problem by over engineering something that creates more problems.

This one addresses the biggest problem with beer pong: dirty balls. In every game of beer pong the ball eventually makes its way to every dirty nook and cranny around the table, so you end up drinking a beer cocktail of filth and disease. They solve this by creating a “drink diaphragm” (or “pilsner prophylactic”) to prevent your beverage from contracting a sport transmitted disease.

This introduces a few problems.  First the surface of plastic is going to have different physics than a liquid, so the ball will bounce differently.  They try to address this by adding little tabs to the inside, but this creates new problems.  First, it makes the game easier as it now prevents the balls from popping out.  It would be like bowling with the guard rails up.  Also it eliminates two important rules, “blowing” and “fingering” by trapping balls.

The way I’ve gotten around this dirty dilemma is I fill the cups with water, and everyone drinks from their own cup, can, boot, or chalice depending on the party.  This could cause a problem with people not consuming their beverage as a punishment.  However, I believe in the honor system, so if one were not to take the punishment like a lady or a gentlemen, then they would bring great shame upon their family.  That’s my simple solution, so you won’t have to deal with dirty balls in your cup.

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