Thank you all

Recently a new boombox friend Kathryn Duggan wrote an article about me citing this was the 10th and final year of the boombox guy.  After that article was written a few of my friends started showing me posts from random people where they were sad this was my last year; some of which was very heartfelt.  Then people on the street stopped me and told me thank you and congratulations.  It was a little jarring, but it was nice to hear from so many supportive people.  In response to this I wrote the following on my Facebook account:

“The out pouring of posts, some very emotional, about this being my 10th and final year as boombox guy has been humbling. It is true that I am finishing up my PhD, but the song is not over yet. I will be around until the fall. I have no idea what the future holds, and you never know maybe I will end up being here for years to come. One thing I know for sure is I will always be your boombox guy, because the spirit of the boombox will always live on. Everyone of you has that spirit. The side of you that stops caring about what others think, and can fearlessly walk to your own song. The part of you that can pause, forgot about your troubles for a moment, and make another person smile. The piece of you that chooses neither right nor wrong, but chooses what is awesome. I expressed these by hoisting a boombox on to my shoulder, and carrying it around week after week for years. I encourage all of you to express that part of yourself in your own way. That is the spirit of the boombox, and that will live on forever. BD>”

I don’t think I understood the gravity of all of this coming to a close, but on that day it really hit me.  It comforts me to know that despite some of the bad that I have made a small positive change in some people’s lives.  This is why the spirit that I have displayed with this persona will always be alive, and I will always proudly be the boombox guy of UofSC.

About boomboxguyjj

I know a little bit about everything, but not enough about anything.
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