April Fools 2014!

I’ve always been a fan of pulling pranks on April Fools day, and I definitely have incorporated that nature into boombox’ing throughout the years.  Here’s a list of pranks I have pulled as boombox guy


Played the entire Short Baby album, Basscapdes: The Misadventures of Short Baby in the Land of Knockbottom, and dressed as the stupidest gangsta rappers.  I wore super baggy sweat pants, rubber ducky boxers, and a gold painted chain and rubber ducky necklace.  Elliot wore ratty jeans, a dew rag, and a white beater with a huge mustard stain on the front.  Also if you don’t know what Short Baby is… Just wait you will.



Played the audio from the The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer (The Russel Crowe Show) episode of South Park.  “Makin’ Movies, Makin’ Songs, And fightin’ ’round the world! OY!”


Walked around with nothing playing.


It was Sunday so I took a break, but made sure to tell anyone I encountered that I had quit since it was my last year as an undergrad.


Nothing but Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give you Up.  In the end, I had no idea if the prank was on me or everyone else.

Also this was in the Daily Gamecock April 1, 2008



Played the audio book form of Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations.   Pip, your life sucks and you definitely made my life suck in middle school, and in 2009.



Listened to nothing but recordings from shortwave numbers stations.


Nothing but Rebecca Black’s Friday.  Once again I didn’t know who the prank was on.


Recorded everything backwards and attempted to walk backwards all day.  This failed miserably.


Played the audio book of A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking.  It was an educational experience.

Stephen Hawking - A Brief History of Time


Tiny Boombox!  Just a small boombox.





About boomboxguyjj

I know a little bit about everything, but not enough about anything.
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