More Less Frequently Asked Boombox’ing Questions

When people meet me they generally ask some of the same questions such as, “how did you start this?”, “why do you do it?”, and “what are you doing in my home?”.  However, I get some different ones from time to time.  Here’s another list of less frequently asked questions!

  1. Are you still a student at UofSC?
  2. Why are you still here?
    I’m finishing up my PhD in computer science, so soon enough I’ll be Dr. Boombox Guy.
  3. What do you ACTUALLY do?
    My job title is research assistant, which comes with many duties.  All of my work revolves around video games, thus I create them, conduct research with them, and write papers about them, and present about my work.  Also I teach either at the university or at different high school as outreach.
  4. When are you finished?
    Hopefully by this Summer.
  5. Are you going to pass on the boombox before you leave?
    The times I thought I was going to leave I did pick someone to take my place.  I’ll probably do the same now… Maybe a contest…?
  6. It must cost money doing what you do, so why haven’t you ever sold merchandise or even got sponsorship?
    Admittedly it does cost money to do what I do.  I have to constantly find and buy D batteries, I have to buy new connector cables, and I tear through shoes constantly.  The reason why I’ve never done any of those is I feel it takes away from the purpose.  To me, this is suppose to be something that is carefree and just fun for the sake of being fun.  Once you add in getting revenue from it, then it becomes like work.  Furthermore if I had sponsors, then I would not have the final say in what I do, how I have to behave, and even down to what I play.
  7. Where have you been?  I haven’t seen you?Seriously!  I answered this in the last one!  If you don’t see me out then I’m usually working or I’ve forgotten to buy D batteries.  Oops.

Hope this answered some of those burning questions, and I’ll have more for you later!

About boomboxguyjj

I know a little bit about everything, but not enough about anything.
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