New Student Games 2013!

I just finished up my Fall 2013 media arts video game design class, and I want to share a few select games with you all.  I’m very proud of all of my students, but there were a few exceptional games that came out of this year.  Also remember most of these students have had no programming experience let alone game design experience, and they were tasked to create a game in a month and a half.


Enter a dying world where you must explore the last remnants of society in order to find your child.
Created by Tonya Holladay
Platform: Windows
Resolution: 1280×720
Size: 97Mb


Peppermint Story Classroom Edition:

Play as Pickle Boy as you run, jump, climb, and defeat various enemies in this fast pasted 2D action game.
Created by Kevin Kempsy
Platform: Windows
Size: 41Mb


Resurrection Man:

In this historic serious game, assume the role of a slave tasked to rob graves and return them to the medical school that owns you.  Make sure to avoid the guards!
Created by Jess Tompkins
Platform: Windows
Size: 11Mb

RessurectionManAdditional Notes: Q to Dig and E to open coffin

Thank you for a wonderful class!


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3 Responses to New Student Games 2013!

  1. Thanks for the post; I’m going to share this is my own blog.

    I think the last picture sums up that (average?) day of class perfectly:
    Me: center front, looking frustrated but obstinate to get things working. Also, my natural roots are showing a lot now.
    Tanya: front far-right, exhausted.
    Kevin: back and far-right, pigging out on free food.
    Elsewhere: various dudes discussing games and not getting enough work done. 😉

    I’ll miss the class next semester!

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