I Like Football

I like football. As someone who designs games, I find the turn based strategy system fascinating and incredibly deep. Understanding the roles of each player, when to employ different types of plays and formations, and the fine grained details like how to use the clock make this a very complex game. Add the drama to the mix that is wrought from two equally matched teams and that is what makes this a wonderful sport to watch.

While I appreciate football, I don’t care for the culture as much, and I feel that most people who say they hate football are actually speaking about that. I do not care for the beer swilling, loud and obnoxious fans. I do not care for the sexist marketing. I do not care for the overall intolerant nature. I do not care for putting athletes above the law of normal people. I do not believe in pumping ludicrous amounts of money that could be going to academics. There is a problem with this culture, but I believe that this is not just relegated to this sport, but speaks volumes to what needs to be fixed in our broader culture. We are not happy so we drink. We love sex so we objectify one another. We don’t care for people who are different, so we commit acts of bigotry. We deify people who contribute very little to our advancement. Finally we waste a lot of money on entertainment. This needs to change.

I admit the last point is hypocritical for me to say, since I devote my work to games. However, that does not change my views that games can be something more; much like other forms of entertainment. I find it ironic how many of my artist /entertainer friends hate football, let alone most sports, when they are another form of entertainment. The fact is the athletes put a large amount of time and effort into their craft much like any other good entertainer or artist. The tragedy is because of the culture in place, sports like football can almost never be used for anything more than entertainment anymore.

While the culture needs some adjustment, I like football. Go Cocks.


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