The Xbox One Outrage

THE INTERNET IS ANGRY!!! ANGRY AT XBOX ONE!!! I NEED TO VOICE MY OUTRAGE FOR THIS THING AS WELL!!!  Actually no I’m not, but I would like to address some issues I see with most of these arguments that I don’t really see as making sense, and is more of a testament to how selfish, greedy, and paranoid the core gaming community is.

I’m so angry at this thing


Let me break this outrage down in a couple of ways.  First, yes the used game market does hurt the industry, because it hurts developers.  These hard working folks toil tirelessly to create an entertaining experience and end up being shafted by greedy publishers and distributors.  Used games cause a dent in those people’s pockets and thus ends up moving backwards to the people who actually love creating games.  This method, but still not the best, may ensure that the developers see some more capital.  I suppose this breaks down to would you rather give your money to greedy people that do pay the people who make the game, or would you rather give it a distributing company like GameStop that under buys, oversells, and none of the used sales money goes to the people who make the games?

Furthermore, this is a very similar model to how Steam works, and for some reason the gaming community gives them a free pass.  On Steam you make an account buy games (some of which you have already bought in the past but whatever you still want to play it without finding 10 floppy disks), and then using an internet connection you download, verify the game with some form of DRM, and then play the games.  How is this any different?  Is it because we still live in the days where Microsoft is the evil empire?  I’m not saying they’re perfect but the fact is that both Valve and Microsoft are businesses.  They are in it to make money, and they only care about you as long as you are consuming from them.  Flat out.  Stop pretending that they want to be your friend.

What's the difference?

What’s the difference again?

Now as for borrowing a copy from your friend… Come on… You just want to play it without paying for it.  That’s selfish.  Free downloadable demos give you an opportunity to play a game so stop acting like they are some how keeping you away from the joy or trying to pull the wool over you.

Also I’ll address this here as well.  Yes, I have bought my fair share of used games.  Yes, I have acquired games by less that reputable means.  However I realize that those acts were selfish and I am just as guilty.  I have since tried to stop doing that, since now I know what developers have to go through, and it has given me a lot more respect for their work.  Developers, stay classy.


I actually spoke a little bit about this in my last post, and I don’t really see this as being as big of an issue as most people do.  Does some how buying this new console render people incapable of keeping their old one and hooking that up when they want to play those games?  If you are one of these people mad about this and yet you have more than one console hooked up to your TV, then please shut up.



As for repurchasing games, we are moving in an interesting direction where it seems like games are becoming more like a service akin to Netflix than actually owning a physical copy.  Once again Steam is the best example of a fully digitally distributed system where you purchase access to a game, but it does not necessarily belong to you.  For instant you cannot trade those games, you cannot resale those games, and if you die your account cannot be inherited.  Once again I have alluded to talking about this argument in more detail but for now, but the fact remains in the near future you won’t own games.  You’ll pay for the rights to play them.  Now if you want to play those games you already bought… Sadly, as it exists now, you have to repurchase them, and that is a result of this transition   It would be nice if there was some way to find a way to verify one had bought that game and then either have access to it for free or for a smaller charge, but as that seems like a logistical nightmare they are going to avoid that.


I have to admit the always on thing… Doesn’t make much sense to me, and I get the idea of wanting to quickly get into playing with your new dog in the special edition Call of Duty Kinectimals.  However, it just seems like a pointless feature.  Now does that mean Microsoft is going to spy on you?  Seems very unlikely.  No one wants to pay a team of marketers to sit and watch neck beards in their boxers scream at a TV.

GOTY Confirmed

GOTY Confirmed

Those are the outrages I have seen more often than not.  I’m sure this post may cause more outrage, so I’m putting my flame shield on high and preparing for the worst.  However the fact remains, if you don’t like these practices then do not buy the console, but don’t act self entitled, greedy, and paranoid when a company is trying to make money.


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8 Responses to The Xbox One Outrage

  1. ludophile73 says:

    There is one big problem when you are comparing Microsoft’s new tactics and Steam. Steam has complete control over its pricing and can offer massive price-drops on its games on a whim. If physical media are trying to use the same model as digital media, then they have to find a way to fix retail pricing. Without the ability to sell back these games, people will have to either pay for a $60 game at the store or use a friend’s disk and pay the fee directly (if they have a friend that bought the game). How are Microsoft and publishers going to convince retailers to lower prices if they are simultaneously wrestling used-game sales away from the retailers?

  2. boomboxguyjj says:

    I’m not sure why Microsoft would want control of the retail markets as they do a fine job of lowering prices of games on their own. Amazon, for instance, is a great retailer that constantly fluctuates prices of games. If you do not want to pay $60 for a game at its initial run, then just wait a while. Also I can see in the very near future that most games will be digitally distributed anyways, so that leaves retailers out of the loop entirely, which then it is up to Microsoft to price those games.

  3. sirius says:

    your view on this matter is that of a retard simple.
    If i pay for a game for 45 pound I OWN IT!, if i choose to sell it on a should be able to. The developers get money from that game with downloadable content after it has been sold something that they might not have got if people cant afford to buy a full price game. Also the money i have just got from my used game has just help fund My new 45 GBP game which would not be possible without the used game market. Developers view on this matter is very narrow minded, what will happen now is developers who make shit games will not get any money as people will be saving up for the blockbusters that are guaranteed to be good only and only ones they are going to invest a lot of time into like say COD. compare this to games like darksiders or any single player game which you can finish in under a few days, spending 45 pounds on this type of game which is complete in a few days is not value for money and unless it is a REALLY good game people wont waste there money. There have been many second hand games i have bought which i have thought ok i will give it a shot and dont mind losing 15 – 20 pounds if the games is pants i would be really pissed off if i paid full price for it and it was rubbish.

    • boomboxguyjj says:

      So your argument hinges on that they will see money as long as they have DLC? So you’re implying that for the developers to make money they NEED to have DLC for their games? That makes absolutely no sense. The fact is I want devs to make money. Devs do not make money off of the used game market. Like I said this is not the best route to go but I get why they’re doing it. What it sounds like is that you are flat out entitled to these things because of your existence when that is not the case. Develop and sell a game then tell me how you feel when you aren’t making anything from it. Also please work on your queen’s English because it a flat out “rubbish”.

  4. Tralio says:

    I can understand your points but it still stands that if i’m paying for a physical game (which microsoft has not said they’re going to a completely download model ) then that game becomes my physical property to do with as I wish, including re-selling the game, same as any other physical product out there. I do understand the model and play a few games using the same model including WoW which the only right you have is the right to play their game on their servers, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good model. This model only works if the game is good enough to generate great word of mouth like wow has, but as the overly aggressive poster above me alluded to most people are not going to purchase a game to try that they might not enjoy if they know they’re essentially stuck with it. This could end up backfiring majorly on the lesser known/ startup developers and at the same time turn off some of the major developers that might be worried about a new game line gaining no ground because no one wants to pay to try it. But that’s just my 2 cents. Personally, i’m more looking forward to getting an OUYA than either the ps4 or xb1.

    • boomboxguyjj says:

      I see what you’re saying and it really comes down to what ludic dogma you believe: are games a tangible artifact or a service? Microsoft seems to view games as a service, which is what really upset people. I think if they had said that a little better (if at all) the outrage would have been far less. Is this a good model? Time will tell. Personally I would like a two tier system where you could pay more for a DRM free game that is yours to do whatever with and also have the service option at a cheaper or subscription price. That’s not the best model either but it may move toward a better direction than totally one or the other.

  5. DeezNutz says:

    It is obviously that OP is a foggot.

    I’m just not gonna buy one. Not worth bitching over. The only thing that concerns me is the always-on kinect. I seriously doubt Microsoft really cares to watch me fap in the living room. However, if some nefarious entity wanted to have the always-on kinect always recording, I could see it as a potential security concern for people too stupid to place a sticky-note over the camera. Especially when we already know that Microsoft and other big tech companies data stores have already been accessed.

    For example: Little Bobby gets his Xbox One for Christmas 2015. He’s 13 years old, and as 13 year olds are known to do, jerks off in varied, often confusing, and sometimes downright disturbing, ways. He keeps his Xbox One in his bedroom because he doesn’t want to share the big TV.

    It’s now 2051. Bobby has had an illustrious career as a lawyer and activist, and wants to run for office. Mid-race, the incumbent produces a 37 year old video of Little Bobby cutting a hole in a grapefruit and violating it. Recorded on his Xbox One, and stored until someone had a need to go looking for it. Not only that, but the teenage musings (“weed should be legal, fuck the police”) of Bobby and all his angst (screaming at his mom because she won’t let him wear his Slayer t-shirt to school) have been laid bare for the entire world to see.

    This idea can be applied to basically any method of in-home surveillance, but by including it with a gaming console and fooling people into including this in their home willingly shifts us towards something altogether much darker.

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