In many countries around the alps, the people devote one night of the year to celebrate the Krampus.  This festive staple of the holiday season is generally depicted as a lovable but ferocious goat demon, and acts as the counter part of St. Nicholas.  Where St. Nicholas rewards the virtuous children with toys and candy, the Krampus punishes the wicked kids by beating them with sticks and chains, and in some severe cases they put the little hellions in to bags and take them back to hell… Or toss them into a river… Which ever is more convenient.

It's the most wonderful time of the year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Every December 5th or 6th people dress up like this creature and parade around the streets whipping the populous to redeem their wicked ways.  This year will mark Columbia’s 3rd Krampusnacht, which makes it one of the longest running, traditional Karmpusnacht!  In it’s honor, I will go over how I prepare for this festive night, and give advice to any other budding Krampus.

First, you must remember that there is a lot of fur involved with this costume, so you must well wear breathing under garments.  Now matter how cold it gets, you still will be burning up under the costume.  Also I do not recommend going commando since fur and hair will end up in some pretty interesting places which you will have to pick out for week.

From past experiences, I have learned to separate all your most used items, such as money and license, from your other valuables.  For this reason, I strongly recommend having a bag attached to you that is not easily accessible.

Security Wii Bag

Security Wii Bag

Next is to put your most used items in another bag.  Also always remember to bring cash since it is much easier to move as a group in and out of bars if you have cash.

Money Bag

Money Bag

Being the boombox guy also means that Krampus must carry a boombox in order to help spread holiday cheer, and instill fear into the sinners.  Last year I learned that simply carrying it was a tall order, so this year I decided to attach a chain to it so it can be carried around like a manly purse.

Such a manly purse

Such a manly purse

Finally, the costume is fairly simple, and is difficult to get wrong.  I took a yeti costume, an old shag blanket, a weight lifters belt with the bags attached, some chains with some jingle bells attached, and an old Halloween mask.

It's a good thing

It’s a good thing

Putting all that together you get…



And the here’s the rest!


Here are some photos from that night, and also a video I made from the first Krampusnacht.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Special thanks to Chris Bickel for masterminding this!

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