A fry throwing, dollar stealing, fake leprechaun magician at McDonald’s

A true story.  Last week during my Ed-Venture game demo, I went to McDonald’s with my assistant Lacie for lunch.  Nearing the end of the meal I felt my hair being played with.  I turned around and a small black boy quickly turned around and giggled.  I go back to my meal and he does it again.  I then throw a fry at him to which one of the boys replied, “Who threw that?”  I stood up and said it was me and laughed.  Then one of the boys asked, “Are you a leprechaun?”.  I told him no, but I am a magician.  He then wanted me to show him a trick so I told him to give me a dollar and I would make it disappear.  He was about to hand me the dollar when his guardian came by and didn’t look to happy that I was about to take a dollar from his kid.  I laughed and walked away.

About boomboxguyjj

I know a little bit about everything, but not enough about anything.
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