Developer’s Choice Awards RECAP!

I will be posting more about the entire conference at the end, but for now let’s get to what is the most relevant:  THE AWARDS!!! BECAUSE PEOPLE LOVE TO SAY THIS THING IS BETTER THAN THAT THING!!!  I’m not going to go over all of the awards, just some of the highlights.

As predicted, Fez won the best Indie game this year.  Hooray Fez!


And Skyrim… DID NOT WIN ALL THE THINGS!?!  Nope the surprise upset was Portal 2 took home the most awards with Best Audio, Narrative, and Game Design.  I”m glad when I’m wrong BD>


Joust did not win any indie awards, but… THEY TOOK HOME BEST INNOVATION IN THE DEVELOPER’S CHOICE AWARDS!  I love it when an indie game takes home an award from the predominately huge studio driven Game Developer’s Choice awards.  They managed to beat out Portal 2 and LA Noir.  Also for their acceptance, they opted not to thank anyone but demonstrate an awesome drinking game involving cards and smacking people.  I officially love them.


Warren Spector stole the show with his amazing speech.  If you develop games, or love playing games you need to watch his speech.  It was awe inspiring.  I’m glad I touched his beard last year.  I’ll find that picture and post the speech later on.


Finally, Skyrim did win something… The most important thing… Game of the year!  Huzzah Skyrim!  Proving again that people still care about dragons and stuff.


Great show and I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store.

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