Back to GDC!

I had to leave Columbi-YEAH! To head back to sunny California for the Game Developer’s Conference!  Can’t wait to see my fellow dev’s have in store, what new technologies will be on the floor, and what new controversies will be pissing of developer’s for the gaming core.

Also I can’t wait to see who will take home the developer’s choice awards.  Granted I’m fairly sure Skyrim will be winning ALL THE THINGS.

This is why I’m going to turn my attention to the Indie Game Awards.  There are so many of these games I have yet to try, so I can’t give a full judgement of who will win (Fez) until I play them all.  However, I would like to point out a few that I have played and thoroughly enjoyed.


If you want to get strange looks on an airplane while playing a game with your girlfriend then THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU!  Harnessing the power of multi-touch technology and the power of people’s dirty minds this game creates a very unique and hilarious experience.  Think of it like sexy finger twister.  Very fun game and well worth the money.  This is available now on the iPad.


A video game without video… What?  Yes.  And it looks amazing.  It does two things impressively:

1.  There is no video in this video game
2.  It found a purpose for the very lonely PS-Move controller

This is a game of musical chairs and tag, which utilizes video game technology.  They could easily further develop this into one heck of a party game!  If you have some dusty move controllers sitting around, this game is well worth checking out.


If you hated QWOP, then you may hate this… Or love it like I did.  The creators took a slightly different direction from an interface that only used Q, W, O, and P to move a runner, to an interface that uses A-Z and shift to climb a mountain.  Sound crazy?  It is nuts!  If you want to try something very unique and don’t mind a challenge, then check this one out for sure.

I’ll be roaming the Expo floor and posting my findings starting Wednesday.  Until next time!

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