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Warren Spector’s Epic Speech

Here is Warren Spector, the creator of Deus Ex, giving his epic acceptance speech at the game developer’s conference.  If you are a game developer, or someone who loves games then watch this!  I am so glad I got to … Continue reading

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10 Less Frequently Asked Boombox’ing Questions

A lot of people have asked me questions about why it was started, how long have I done it, and why I carry it around.  I have answered these questions several times in different interviews (with varying answers), so I … Continue reading

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Boombox Guy on WIS

I was cleaning through some old files and found another Boombox Guy interview. This one had two parts. First, I was at Tiger Burn 2010 and a person from our local news stations WIS came over and asked if I wanted to be interviewed. Later on, I was asked to give my opinion on the second USC fight song Sandstorm. Here is the interview in all it’s glory!

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Developer’s Choice Awards RECAP!

I will be posting more about the entire conference at the end, but for now let’s get to what is the most relevant:  THE AWARDS!!! BECAUSE PEOPLE LOVE TO SAY THIS THING IS BETTER THAN THAT THING!!!  I’m not going … Continue reading

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Back to GDC!

I had to leave Columbi-YEAH! To head back to sunny California for the Game Developer’s Conference!  Can’t wait to see my fellow dev’s have in store, what new technologies will be on the floor, and what new controversies will be … Continue reading

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